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Carbon ion (270.55 MeV/u) trajectories in an FNTD exhibiting stochastics energy loss, delta electrons, and a fragmentation event (Lauer, 2011): 'Traveling trajectories with crystals made of ion' (from: Jedi Mind Tricks: Merchant of War, The Thief and the Fallen, 2015)

The purpose of the DKFZ FNTD project is to exploit and advance the use of fluorescent nuclear track detectors (FNTDs) in proton and ion-beam therapy. One major focus hereby is the development of a software package for track data analysis.

How to get and use the software

Our software uses ImageJ as class library. Its core functions are written in Java and bundled in a single jar-file (the library). This library is provided as plugin for ImageJ and Fiji and as an extension package to the R language (the package). The latter enables scripting (i.e. high-throughput usage) and extensions of the library functions. Our policy is to have full functionality in both the R and the Java part. However, due to the fact that most prototyping is done in R, the R package is usually ahead of the library.

  • Both the library and the R package are open-source and hosted on github.
  • A stable release of the R package (master branch) is provided through R-forge.

Installation Instructions